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Lombok Island

Lombok Island is about 80 km from East to West, and little smaller from North to South Sumbawa Island stretches 300 km from East to West, and 100 km North to South. Lombok and Sumbawa are surounded by hundreds of smaller islands, covering over an area of 20,153 square kilometres. Lombok island lays just east of Bali Island, 1.5 hours by fast boat, you will arrive in an island of wallace line. Feel it's friendship, experience it's culture and nature. Lombok, the island of varieties ethnic, Sasak is the native, domiciles Lombok through 80%, Balinese, Chinese, Arabian, Sumbawanese, Mbojo and Javanese.

All those who give the island multiple colors have been living together in harmony since years even centuries. Mountainous area on the northern part situates a lot of fantastic landscape. A large part of Lombok is depoted to rice cultivation. The rice fields in Lombok are as picturesque as the ones in Bali, exept that you get less chance of catching sight of farmers taking out their ducks to the rice fields for their daily paddle. Flat white sandy beaches spread up on west through south eastern part invite your curiosity for addicted exploration.


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